Chasing the change

I remember the days, when being a sales rep I had to pop into the office every morning before taking off to my customers to get my call list for the day, file the visit report form previous day and check the deliveries. All on paper! We did not have mobile phones and did not use email to communicate with customers. Fax machine was the technological edge.

For the last 20-odd years one cannot imagine sales and marketing operation without a Route Optimization software, CRM, Content mass management and delivery systems, etc. The world of these solutions, however, is very different today from what it used to be a couple of decades ago.

Traditional way of building information technologies for sales and marketing – define your business strategy, map out your business process, buy/build a solution that suits your strategy and process. Repeat in 5-10 years. This does not hold water any longer.

The pace of market change has accelerated dramatically. We no longer talk years – in sales and marketing business definitions and processes change continuously. So should the solutions do too. Continue reading “Chasing the change”