Emotions win over Reason in Sales


Decades of neuroscientific research suggest that salespeople who use reasoned argument on a sales pitch will close fewer deals than a seller who appeals to the emotions.

We (humans) are rational beings and trying to appeal to our customer’s intellect, showing them the reasons why our product is a sensible choice and meets their stated needs seems to be a great idea. The whole school of Solution Selling is based on this premise. Hundreds of years economists based their theories on the postulate pf rational behavior.

However, our daily observations and personal experience may suggest that we (humans) are not that rational at times. Think about Global themes of 2016: Brexit, Trump… Is that rational? Or, perhaps, emotions took over?

So, what’s in it for me, the seller?

Often (not always), customers make decisions about a purchase with a part of their brain that operates on emotions, not reason. Reasoned argument may not be particularly effective in appealing to such buying instincts, scientists have found.

A deal is always a change and people are naturally resistant to it. So, what salespeople need to do, is to activate client’s emotional response.

…for example, fear of losing money or missing out. It is that ‘burning platform’ that will galvanise them to risk making a change.

Cold reason has its place and should not be disregarded. The point of the research is that, when used alone, logical argument is far less effective in moving the needle. It is a viable helper, but almost never the trigger.

Remember that , when you prepare for your next pitch.

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