Decisions, decisions, decisions…


“The people that are most productive, they’re the ones who recognise that making a decision isn’t about a binary success or failure; it’s about conducting an experiment – and they learn to see their choices as experiment. […] failure isn’t actually failure; it’s just a result that helps you make a better decision next time.”

Charles Duhigg 

In a nutshell – we make decisions every day, every hour… probably every minute. Self-reflection, pausing and analysing the events, decisions we have made and the consequences of those will help us see trends, learn from mistakes (failures) and move on.

Keeping a diary is a good tool. Keeping notes is another good habit that would help in mastering decision making.

Now, one more piece of advice – we often see decisions as a dilemma, that is a Y-shape crossroads – binary… one alternative or another. That’s fundamentally wrong. There are more than two possible responses to most life situations. We simply have a bad habit of reducing our options down to two. Now, we are homo salience – we can analyse and make decisions that can change our behaviour… Frequent practice then translates into a new habit. So, from now on force yourselves to practice a simple technique, which will dramatically improve your decisions – ALWAYS uncover and review more than two alternatives. Enrich your decision making and enrich your life!


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