HMRC have been kind to provide me with stats on how the tax I had paid was used in 2015/16 tax year. I have learned that a mere 0.6% of my taxes goes to the EU. Does not seem to be much.

Why do the Leave campaign prominent speakers keep talking about weekly £350M payments to EU? Actually… why does no one ask a simple question – what portion of the national budget does this £350M represent? I suspect it may not be far from 0.6%… Is this something worth the fight? Really?

And why do campaigners focus so much on the economic benefit or detriment? Why not explore the other pros and cons of the European integration?

Having lived behind the Iron Curtain, I will never understand anyone, who wants to stop or restrain free movement of people. So, my view might be biased, I admit. However, ability to go and live in another country is all about understanding the other, or rather each other…. Isn’t it amazing – English, Germans and French living together in Union? The nations that fought each other for centuries. Is 0.6% of your tax or your national budget a big price for this unity? Really?


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